Service Innovation & Improvement in Public Services

Lean Business Ireland Awards 24th October 2024

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This award is open to State organisations/agencies/units and Government departments that have developed and deployed a Lean Strategy for service-wide innovation, improvement, productivity enhancement, and overall transformation. Their Lean Strategy must encompass both the Socio (Lean Leadership, Employee Engagement, Behaviours, Organisational Culture) and the Technical (Operational Excellence Systems & Methods, Lean Tools & Techniques, Problem Solving, Process Improvement, Waste Reduction, Productivity Increases).

The Judges will want to see evidence of an overall strategy that sets out your targets and how you plan to achieve them; evidence of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual improvements; and evidence of output, outcomes, and overall impact. Judges will want to know everything you have done/do/will do to achieve your strategic objectives, clearly identifying the development of a CI Culture across all areas and levels of the organisation. You must clearly detail what you have achieved so far and what you hope to achieve in the future on your ongoing Lean Journey.

When completing this Category's Entry Submission Template, entrants should pay particular attention to the following elements:

  • Lean Strategy Development, Leadership, and Deployment
  • Organisation/Agency/Unit-wide or Department-wide perspective and approach
  • Operationalisation with Results, Improvements, Impact, encompassing:
    • service innovation and improvements
    • productivity enhancement
    • people, culture, and behaviour focus, advancement, and sustainability
    • capability development
    • digital innovation
  • People Systems, Learning Systems, and CI Systems
  • Future Planning


The deadline for entries is the 16th of August 2024 so please do not delay in submitting your entry.


Entrants to this Awards Category must use the Entry Submission Template provided, and then complete their application via the web-form below.


Entrants to this Award Category must use this submission template. Please download the WORD TEMPLATE, complete it, save it as a PDF, and then upload that PDF in the web-form below along with relevant photos and video, and click submit.

Service Innovation & Improvement in Public Services

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Should you have any difficulty loading your video due to file size, please contact Paula Dempsey at [email protected] or call + 353 48 9773434.


Entrants must:

  • use the Entry Submission Template for this Category, save it as a PDF, and upload in the web-form below; and
  • upload Photographs relevant to the entry submission; and
  • upload a complementary video, noting that Judges will be particularly keen to view raw/authentic video footage (e.g. hand-held mobile) of exemplary areas/initiatives as opposed to more formal corporate videos, 5-10 minutes maximum for videos; and
  • upload a high-resolution (300dpi) PNG/JPEG file of their organisational logo; and
  • name the person who would collect the trophy if the entrant is an Award winner.