How to Enter

There is no charge to enter the Lean Business Ireland Awards.

Entrants must note the following when submitting entries:

  • The deadline for entries is the 16th of August 2024.
  • The full list of Categories is available at
  • Each entrant may enter up to 3 Categories, and each entry must be tailored to meet the respective Category criteria.
  • Entries can only be made Online via the respective web-forms for each Category entered.
  • Entrants should ensure to read the “Overview”, and “Application”, and “Requirements” sections for each Category entered.
  • Entrants must use the “Entry Submission Template” provided for each respective Category. (These clearly indicate the respective Category criteria and weightings for each Category, and help entrants develop focused and applied submissions.)
  • Entry documents must be a minimum of 3 and no more than 5 pages in length.
  • The inclusion of a 100-word summary at the beginning of each document is required for each Category entered.
  • The inclusion of Photographs is strongly encouraged to complement the PDF document – ensure to reference the Photographs at appropriate points within the document.
  • The inclusion of a Video is also strongly encouraged and entrants should be aware of Judges’ preferences for “raw/authentic” video footage of exemplary areas/initiatives/individuals as opposed to more formal corporate-like videos. (Videos are not applicable to the Contribution to Knowledge Category.)
  • Entry documents must be full and complete, well-structured, well-presented, spell-checked, logical and intuitive to read, and factual and evidence-based.
  • Ensure that relevant and experienced colleagues input to and review each entry before it is finalised and submitted.
  • Entries cannot be modified once submitted.
  • Entrants must not contact Judges nor LBI Steering Committee members regarding their entries.

Lean Business Ireland wishes all entrants the best of luck and we look forward to receiving your entries.