Contribution to Knowledge

Lean Business Ireland Awards 29th September 2022

Number of Awards (1)

There is one award in this category, to be given to either an individual or a group of authors or researchers.

This award is open to Irish-based individual(s) and (primarily) Irish-based groups of authors or researchers who have contributed to the Lean knowledge base. This contribution can be in the form of original Books, Case Study Books, or Academic Journal Papers.

For Academic Journal Papers, applicants can submit the following types of papers:

  • Empirical papers that report original research work with the objective of demonstrating enterprise excellence approaches in action.
  • Interventionist papers that report original research work with the objective of improvements in operational/enterprise performance.
  • Conceptual/Critical Review papers that either seek to define a research issue and propose a theoretical exposition/explanation capable of empirical testing (e.g. theoretical papers), or draw upon or synthesise existing knowledge to define what is currently known about a topic or issue (e.g. literature review papers, methodological papers).


Applicants must submit via the web-form below, paying particular attention to the following aspects for this Award:

  • Context & Analysis
  • Research & Theoretical/Practical framing (for Academic Journal papers)
  • Discussion & Conclusion
  • Organisational & Social Impact
  • Contribution to the Lean & CI knowledge base

Applicants must:

  • upload a PDF file of 3-to-5 A4 pages as a summary of their work;
  • upload the full Academic Journal Paper or provide links to the Book(s);
  • upload a high-resolution (300dpi) headshot of themselves/team members plus a high-resolution (300dpi) PNG/JPEG file of their organisation(s) logo; and
  • name the person who would collect the trophy, if successful.

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