Off to the Best Start

Lean Business Ireland Awards 12th October 2023

Number of Awards (2)

  • SME (<250 employees)
  • Large (>250 employees)

This award is open to indigenous Irish organisations and the Irish-based operation of multinational companies that have commenced on their Lean, Green, Digital Journey and that have made sufficient progress to provide evidence of impact to customer value and experience, process improvement projects undertaken, or improvement to bottom line results. Judges will be particularly impressed by those organisations that have made a concerted effort to engage employees as much as possible and can show real headway towards efficient and effective practice in Lean and/or Green and/or Digital.


Applicants must submit via the web-form, paying particular attention to the following aspects for this Award:

  • Initiatives undertaken and number of staff involved
  • Number of Lean/CI champions in place
  • Cultural improvement initiatives
  • Improvements in work practices, including Lean, Green, or Digital practices used
  • Annualised productivity improvements (value added, efficiency gains, cost savings)
  • Future focus (next steps and future projects identified)

Applicants must

  • upload a PDF file of 3-to-5 A4 pages as their core submission;
  • upload a complementary video, noting that Judges will be particularly keen to view raw/authentic video footage (e.g. hand-held mobile) of exemplary areas/initiatives as opposed to more formal corporate videos;
  • upload a high-resolution (300dpi) PNG/JPEG file of their organisational logo; and
  • name the person who would collect the trophy, if successful.