Innovation in Operational Excellence

Lean Business Ireland Awards 29th September 2022

2 Awards – Large organisation (Employment above 250), Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME)

This award goes to an organisation that has shown the most innovative approach to continuous improvement application.

This Award is open to any organisation that can show innovative approaches to application of continuous improvement across any part of the business.  This could be in the way they engage with others or the approach taken to address an issue, the use of technology to enhance organisational effectiveness for example

The judges will need to see the following:

  • The rationale and thought process
  • The approach taken and level of innovation used
  • How this was applied
  • What outcome was achieved as a result
  • How sustainable is the innovative approach taken

Tips for Entering

  • All activities cited must be within the past 14 months
  • Ensure your submission fits onto no more than 5 A4 pages in portrait PDF format
  • Answer each of the key criteria points, back up answers with pictures, graphs etc.
  • the projects that support their entry must have taken place in Ireland


You will need the following to complete your entry:

  • 100 word summary of your entry
  • 2 high resolution landscape photos (300 dpi) relevant to your entry
  • jpeg version of your organisation’s logo
  • Name of the person who will accept the trophy

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