Next Generation Operational Excellence

Lean Business Ireland Awards Rescheduled until 29th September 2022

2 Awards – Large organisation (Employment above 250), Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME)

This award will be made to organisations that can demonstrate how they have been investing in their processes or people or products/services to create a ‘fit for the future’ or next generation business. 

The more organisational wide and all encompassing the investment being made the higher scores will be achieved.  For smaller companies, incremental investment will be sought.

The judges will be looking for:

  • The plan for investment including the context
  • The delivery mechanisms
  • How people were engaged with – staff and customers if appropriate
  • How this plans links to the strategy of the organisation
  • The impact of the investment both internally and externally
  • How it contributed to the continuous improvement of the overall organisation
  • What new technologies and upskilling were included to create a more agile and resilient organisation

Next Generation Operational Excellence

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Tips for Entering

  • All activities cited must be within the past 14 months
  • Ensure your submission fits onto no more than 5 A4 pages in portrait PDF format
  • Answer each of the key criteria points, back up answers with pictures, graphs etc.
  • the projects that support their entry must have taken place in Ireland


You will need the following to complete your entry:

  • 100 word summary of your entry
  • 2 high resolution landscape photos (300 dpi) relevant to your entry
  • jpeg version of your organisation’s logo
  • Name of the person who will accept the trophy